Important COVID-19 Information

Important COVID-19 Information
September 30, 2020

The ongoing pandemic has indelibly changed our lives and the way that we will be able to treat our patients here at LVAH. Over the past few months several factors have come together to form the perfect storm that has resulted in reduction of staff to the extent that it has become difficult to maintain the caseload we have been seeing since the spring.  Sadly, for the first time in our long history, we have had to put a hold on seeing new clients and patients until we are able to staff up to levels prior to the pandemic.  Additionally, we will have to shorten our hours of operation in order to avoid overburdening our doctors and staff.

Rest assured, we will continue to focus on the safety of our clients and staff, and as such, curbside visits will continue well into next year. There is no definitive end date at this time.  With this, please understand that curbside visits are sometimes challenging on our part, and do not always start and finish in the time allotted. We ask that you be patient and understanding of factors that are beyond our control, and advise that you not schedule visits to our hospitals around the time of other time-sensitive commitments and allow us the needed time to work carefully and thoroughly with your pet.

Lastly, a few words regarding vaccines. Please remember that vaccine due dates are not the same as expiration of immunity. Most every vaccine provides excellent immunity beyond the booster due date. The emphasis for yearly exams is the exam itself, not the vaccines. It is an opportunity to review the individual needs for each patient and develop a plan specific for that patient. Due to high demand for our available appointment time, not all preventative care exams will be able to be scheduled on the yearly anniversary date. We will prioritize these appointments for those who have rabies vaccines that are expired or about to expire since this is a legal issue, and patients who will be boarded and need boosters to meet entry requirements.

There is no doubt that we all pray for a quick end to this pandemic and an assurance of our collective safety and return to a normal life. We are resilient, and we will get there.  Until then, let’s continue to work together and care for each other as we’ve all been doing for the common goal.