Important Update to our Clients and our Hybrid Reopening Plan

Important Update to our Clients and our Hybrid Reopening Plan
June 22, 2021

An urgent message to our clients:

Currently, veterinary practices across the country are experiencing severe staff shortages, including veterinarians. Emergency hospitals and urgent care facilities are under the same pressure and are having to turn away requests for non-life threatening illnesses.

Unfortunately, our practice is one that must be included on this list.

Over the last year since the pandemic began to really take hold, we have had to shorten our work week and our daily hours of operation. We are constantly struggling to meet the demand for routine well care while giving priority when we can to calls for accidents or illness. Many times our schedule is overbooked and same day calls are impossible to work in-there is a limit to what we can see in a day without compromising the overall care we are providing to all our patients. And while we do our best to run on time, please understand that any given day, at any given time, wait times by be prolonged.

Currently, we are scheduling well visits at least two months out (remember this when you call to schedule vaccines for boarding your pets), and we start every week with a fully booked schedule. The only available sick or urgent appointments we have are added on each day.

>If your pet is scheduled for a visit and you must cancel, we ask that you give us at least a 24 hour notice so that we may refill that spot. Unfortunately, we may not be able to reschedule that visit immediately.

If your pet is schedule for a visit and you do not give advance notice of cancellation, you may need to seek urgent or emergency care as we will most likely not be able to reschedule that visit in a timely manner. If you fail to appropriately cancel with 24 hour notice for, or miss, two or more visits, you will be required to pay for further visits in advance prior to scheduling, which will be non-refundable should you miss that visit.

Last minute cancellations and missed visits are not new, and we do understand that some are due to true emergencies. But they are particularly difficult to deal with at this time and add tremendously to the frustration of the conditions we are trying to work through. We ask that you remember our concerns as we are here to deal with the health concerns of your pets.

With this being said, beginning July 12th, we will begin the transition from fully curbside to hybrid! Below highlights the details of what this entails from our client’s perspective:>

Client Guidelines for LVAH Hybrid Reopening

Please note:

Masks are to properly worn at all times when in the building. Properly worn masks are to cover the nose and chin. If you are unable to wear a mask for any reason, including religious reasons or personal choice, you are welcome to schedule your visit curbside. Vaccination status does not preclude wearing a mask in our building. Please do not make this a controversy. The only infectious disease we want inside is KINDNESS.

All vet assist visits and nurse visits, as well as all medication and food pick-up will be done curbside.

  • Please call the office from the parking lot upon arrival. You will be given instructions on where and when to enter the building.
  • Please go directly to your designated exam room when asked to enter. Please remain in the seating area of the exam room, a nurse will join you shortly to take a brief history.
  • After the doctor examines your pet, please remain in the exam room until a nurse comes to take your pet to the treatment area for vaccines, blood or any other exam related procedures. In order to maintain proper indoor social distancing guidelines, all procedures will be performed outside the exam room.
  • When your pet returns, please wait in the exam room with your pet. The doctor may return with further information or to answer any questions.
  • Please continue to remain in the exam room, checkout will be done in the exam room.
  • After checkout, please directly exit the building through the door you entered.

Thank you for caring about our health and safety as we care about yours. We look forward further relaxing these guidelines in the future with experience and continuing expert advice.