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Spay & Neuter Discount

We strongly recommend that all puppies and kittens are spayed or neutered around six months of age to eliminate the risk of uterine infections, mammary tumors and unwanted pregnancies in females and prostate cancer in males.

In an effort to encourage our clients to schedule these procedures in a timely fashion, we offer a 25% discount on surgeries scheduled during the time frame recommended by their veterinarian.  Pre-operative blood work does not qualify for an additional 25% off since the profiles are already discounted and we do not charge an additional nurse visit fee to submit blood work for a surgical procedure.

Dental Cleaning Discount

Regular dental cleanings are as important for your pet as they are for you. Daily brushing with specialized pet-safe toothpaste is recommended at least once daily. Without regular cleaning at home, any tarter that builds up on the surface of the teeth must be surgically scaled to remove and prevent the risk of bacteria and infection from spreading to the heart or kidneys. We encourage owners to have their pet's teeth cleaned before the disease process is irreversible and radiographs, extractions and medications are necessary.

We offer a 35% discount, excluding pre-operative blood work, on all Grade 1 Dental Cleanings. Your veterinarian will be able to assess the condition of your pets oral health and advise you as to whether the discount applies.

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